Swordfish Shootout

Tourney Registration

Swordfish Shootout


This tournament is based on a single biggest fish with three optional Calcutta’s, two fish aggregate weight, biggest Dolphin (Mahi-mahi), and a high roller big fish Calcutta. Prize money for the largest single fish will be paid out for the top three places. The optional Calcutta’s will be winner take all. In the event that two fish have identical weights, the fish boated first will take the top place. Each team will only be permitted to place once, if a team has two fish that would place, they will receive prize money for their larger fish. If they are in the Calcutta’s both fish would be added together for the aggregate weight. Just as in the single fish category, if two aggregate weights are identical then we will revert to whichever team’s fish were landed first. Teams are all eligible to win both the tournament “Big Fish,” the aggregate Calcutta and the High Roller Calcutta.
  1. Registration: $500
    • Small Boat Largest Fish $250 (1st – 100%) – As small boat shall be defined as ANY boat with a factory listed LOA (length overall) of 28’0’ or less
    • Optional $250 Biggest Dolphin (Mahi- Mahi)
    • Optional $500 2 fish aggregate Calcutta
    • Optional $1,000 High Roller Big Fish Calcutta
    Teams may pre-register for the tournament in person at Strike-Zone Melbourne (2771 W New Haven Ave) or on swordfishshootout.net. Payment may be made by cash (in store only) or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express accepted.) 3% service charge will be added to ALL credit card transactions. TEAMS CAN LEAVE FROM ANY INLET. We will require a recording of the fish immediately after being boated. On Thursday Aug 10th at 6PM at least one member of each team will be required to come to Sebastian Saltwater Marina to pick up their “Token”. The token must be displayed in the video of the landed swordfish. This is to ensure no fish were landed on a previous trip. We will have a Captain’s Party on Thursday, the meeting is not mandatory but coming to receive the token will be. You may pick up your token from 9am-7pm at Strike Zone of Melbourne, the Captain’s party will be at 6pm at Sebastian Saltwater Marina. Tournament will be held August 8th, 2024, through August 11th, 2024. You will have 24 hours of fishing time. Lines in at 9pm on Friday the 9th and lines out by 9pm Saturday August 10th.
  2. Entry Forms: All entry forms must be completely filled out by all participants in the tournament and entry paid before the captain’s meeting begins.
  3. Anglers: Each boat may register as many anglers as they choose. All anglers should be listed on the form. Please notify the committee of any angler changes prior to the start of fishing. ALL ANGLERS MUST HAVE A VALID FLORIDA FISHING LICENSE! All registered anglers must comply with all applicable FEDERAL AND FLORIDA LAWS regarding fishing licenses, size limits, bag limits, speed limits, highly migratory species permit, etc. Visit http://myfwc.com/ for all regulations.
  4. Eligible Species: SWORDFISH, DOLPHIN (Calcutta).
  5. Fish Limit: Each boat may weigh up to 2 swordfish (in the event that a boat has more than two fish we will offer a courtsey weigh if two fish are similar in size). Largest of the two will be in the running for the tournament and the largest two fish aggregate will win the Calcutta (if entered). Swordfish may be weighed if bit by shark or run over by vessel only if the remainder the fish is at least 47” lower jaw fork length. Any eligible fish must have either a head or tail attached to be able to be weighed. We will not weigh a core of a fish. *** Teams must film an approximately 10 second time stamped cell phone video stating team/boat name used on registration form and video of fish after it has been brought onboard with the token given at captain’s meeting clearly visible***
  6. Tackle: All fish must be caught on rod and reel. Electric reels are allowed. Teams can fish more than one rod at a time. (No limit on number of lines in the water)
  7. Tournament Channel: The tournament committee will operate on Channel 80. Channel 72 will be used as an alternate. We will monitor Channel 80 on Sunday to assist with weigh in.
  8. Boundaries: No Boundaries.
  9. Check-Out: Leave from any inlet. Gentleman’s lines in at 9:00PM Friday evening, August 11th.
  10. 10. Landfall: Following check-out, or once fishing hours have begun, no boats will be permitted to touch land until reaching the dock at the end of their fishing day. Special consideration will be given for medical conditions and special circumstances that may arise during the day of fishing. The committee must be notified in advance of any situation that may warrant exception to this rule.
  11. Boat Check: TALL BOATS SHOULD video (without stopping the camera) the boat’s cockpit with all storage and fish boxes open clearly showing no fish on board. After the cockpit pan without stopping the video, clearly video the GPS Date & Time. This should be done approximately 15 minutes prior to “lines in” or lines are deployed for tournament fishing. This is a precaution in the event of a protest or weighmaster concern that a fish was caught before “lines in.” Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any boat participating in the tournament prior to the start of fishing. Any boat that refuses inspection will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. *No fish can be on-board caught from previous days.
  12. Weigh-In: 11AM – 2PM on Sunday Aug.11th at Sebastian Saltwater Marina. All boats with fish to weigh-in must check in by texting Ashley Ballard (321-689-6041) when you have arrived back at port safely. Please include Boat Name, number of fish to be weighed and video of landed fish. If you are unable to text the video, please email it to swordfhishshootout.com as soon as possible. Boats that do not check in via text (or email) will not be eligible to weigh their catch. If your team is hooked up at 8:30 P.M. Saturday evening, you will need to film a 10 second time stamped video showing your team hooked up. If your team is still hooked up to a fish at 9:00PM or after, you must attempt to contact another team or boat and ask them to relay via text to Ashley that you were hooked up before “lines out”. This will validate your hookup. Once your team is in cell phone range, please text Ashley with a time the fish is landed, the video showing that you were hooked up at 8:30 and the video of the boated fish.
  13. Weather: Weather cancellations are made by tournament directors. If we have to move the tournament dates due to weather, we will contact teams on the phone numbers provided on registration form. We will also post cancelation and new dates on Facebook and Instagram. It is expressly understood that the permitting of fishing by tournament officials does not ensure the safety of registered anglers or any other occupants of their vessels. Captains, anglers, and all other members of registered boats must determine in their own judgment whether to fish under the given conditions based on factors including but not limited to the seaworthiness of their boat and their own seamanship.
  14. Protests: All protests must be made within 1 hour of the conclusion of weigh-in along with $500 cash to the tournament officials. Protests should be made based on firsthand eyewitness information. All decisions of the tournament officials regarding protests are final.
  15. Polygraph: By entering the tournament all captains, anglers and occupants of their boats voluntarily consent to submit to a polygraph examination as deemed necessary by tournament officials. All decisions of the polygraph examiner will be final. Any captain, angler or occupant of a registered boat who refuses to take a polygraph or provides untruthful answers as determined by the examiner will be disqualified from the tournament without further notice. Such a disqualification will eliminate payment or provision of any prize money, awards and/or refund of entrance fees.
  16. Release: By signing the entry form, all captains, anglers, and occupants of their boat hereby consent that tournament officials may use without payment or restriction, any photographs or video in which he or she may appear for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising and promotional material.
  17. Tournament Discretion: The tournament director reserves the right to implement his discretion at any time during the tournament as it may apply to the rules or any other circumstance that should arise during the course of the event.
  18. Captain’s Party Location: Sebastian Saltwater Marina in Sebastian. Address: 1732 Indian River Dr. Sebastian, Fl 32958 (Thursday Aug. 8th at 6PM-8PM)
  19. Weigh In Location: Capt’n Butcher’s in Sebastian. Address: 1732 Indian River Dr. Sebastian, Fl 32958
  20. Winnings: Checks for the winning teams will be made out to the person that filled out the registration form.

Strike-Zone Fishing's 4th Annual

Swordfish Shootout

August 8 - 11, 2024

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place


Tournament Schedule

  • Thursday August 8th
    Captain’s Party at 6pm at Sebastian Saltwater Marina
  • Friday August 9th
    Lines in at 9pm
  • Saturday August 10th
    Lines out at 9pm
  • Sunday August 11th
    Weigh-in: Sebastian Saltwater Marina from 11AM-2PM
    Awards: Following Weigh-in